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02002023 FREMONT PEAK-1030113.jpg

Photo courtesy of Cesar Campos, KG6BJR

The Fremont Peak Repeater Association

was established in 1977 on the 2 meter band and the repeater site is located between Salinas and San Juan Bautista, CA.near the crest of Fremont Peak. 

Fremont Peak is a summit in the Gabilan Mountain Range, one of the mountain ranges paralleling California's central coast. To see a satellite view of the repeater site click HERE.

Video of Annual Meeting held on March  15, 2024.     Click HERE

PDF of meeting minutes.  Click HERE

The FPRA volunteer work crew that moved the 7/8" hardline coax into the building on 12/30/2021.

Other work was done to prepare for the South County link

Photo credit: Tim,  W6TST

If you would like to become a member of the Fremont Peak Repeater Association, click on this link to open the application form.

Repeater Frequencies

2 meter: 145.470 -600, PL = 94.8

70 cm: 441.450 +, PL = 123.0

APRS digipeater 144.390

Now linked to KC6ERT 70 cm repeater in south county.



Green = coverage area  Yellow = shadow area

The VHF and UHF voice repeater coverage ranges to the west to the Monterey Bay area, to the north to Santa Cruz and Hwy-101 areas, to the east to Pacheco Pass and into portions of the Sierra Mountain Range, and to the south, deep into the Salinas Valley to King City area and beyond.

Great shot of the Fremont Peak towers at night.

Photo credit:

George Krieger



To join the FPRA

email list click 


Weekly Net

Each Monday at 8:00 PM

145.470 Mhz, -600 PL = 94.8


FPRA is a group of dedicated volunteers serving the communications needs of San Benito, Monterey, and Santa Cruz Counties.


Fremont Peak as viewed from CA Hwy-1


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